‚ÄčRice Family Reunion, Inc.

Not only is the Rice Family Reunion, Inc. all about family, but we are also all about education and success.  The James C. Rice Scholarship honors those family members who are graduating from high school and choosing to further their education.   The first James C. Rice Scholarship was given in 1997, and since that time, hundreds of scholarships have been awarded to Rice family high school graduates. 

Requirements for the James C. Rice Scholarship are as follows:

  • Member of the Rice Family
  • High School Diploma or GED
  • A 500 Word Essay: What it means to be a member of the Rice Family
  • Copy of Acceptance Letter from the college, university,  or vocational/technology school you will be attending.    
  • Completed Application (postmarked by July 31st)

Winners will be announced at the Rice Family Reunion the year of application.  Click here to download the application.