Rice Family Reunion, Inc.

A message from our President

and Vice President...

Dear Rice Family Members,

You are welcomed and encouraged to join me on Flight # 2019. We are prepared to take-off immediately this new year.

Please make sure your positive attitude and blessings windows are secured and in a locked and upright position. All self-destructive devices should be turned off upon boarding this flight.

All negativity, hurt, and discouragement must be put away. 

Should we lose altitude under pressure this year, please reach up and pull down a Prayer. 

All prayers will automatically activate based on your faith. Once your faith is activated, you may assist other passengers. 

There will be NO BAGGAGE allowed on this flight. 

The Captain, God our Father, has cleared us for take-off. 


Pamela Rice,


Greetings Rice Family !!

 I pray this message finds you in the midst of a wonderful day as we countdown and prepare for our reunion, fellowship, and party in St Louis.  I can’t wait to see you all there !!

While the excitement builds over the next few weeks, my mind drifts to a few things we want to address before we leave our homes for St Louis.  It’s no surprise to see our children and students are at the top of the list.

Each year, there are concerns for students who will miss class-time while attending the reunion.  With that, your elected leaders would like to share with you an idea that may alleviate much of the stress surrounding this topic.

 If you are the parent/guardian of student who will be absent from the classroom during the reunion, please consider the following actions:

 -        Approach your student’s instructors with an explanation of the rich history of the Rice Family.  If your student has multiple instructors, contacting more than one is recommend.

This can be done in-person, by phone, or via e-mail.  NOTE:  Your face-to-face conversation may deliver a greater sense of sincerity.  OK … You’re not Dracula, but go ahead and let them look “deep into your eyes”.

 -        Describe the Rice Family Reunion as of one of the longest-standing, annually organized, African-American family reunions in the United States.  We are 86 years strong !!

 -        Discuss  the social and educational benefits of exposing your student to the elder members of the Rice Family.  There’s more history in the minds of our elders than any text book ever printed.

 -        Explain that during their time at the reunion your student will be engaged in educational and mentoring activities. Traditional as well as Peer-to-Peer mentoring.

 -        Review the attached list of local museums on your own, share details of your selected location with your student’s instructors, and highlight your intent to visit with your student.  

              The museums are just an idea.  So feel free to develop your own experience.  Google is a great tool for researching and planning local activities for your student.

 -        Lastly, and perhaps the most important of these suggestions, please offer to have your student write a short essay on their experience at the reunion, museum or educational activity of your choosing.

It is important to craft this discussion around the idea of earning extra credit for the essay.  The idea is to replace credit for any missed assignments, and earn extra credit for an unassigned project.

 Proactively engaging your student’s instructors with the above mentioned actions may not result in an extra-credit opportunity.  However, it will indeed go a long way to demonstrate your and your student’s

commitment to education.  As we kick-off a new school year, your student’s positive attitude and commitment to learning are the best “First Impressions” we want to see from students and members of the Rice Family. 

 When they asked “how did you win ?”, she confidently answered “I prepared”.



Maurice K. McGregor

Vice President and Servant of The Rice Family Reunion