‚ÄčRice Family Reunion, Inc.

Ms. Lula Rice Scott, who was on vacation in the late summer of 1933, organized and started the Rice Family and Friends Reunion for which we are grateful.  We have been meeting every year since then.  Mrs. Scott, with the help of other family members and friends, held the first Rice Family Reunion on August 12, 1933 at the home of Mini Rice Brunet in Ellerson, Jefferson County, Arkansas.  

During the early years of this organization, the reunion was held each year on August 12th.  The date was changed at the request of Mrs. Lula Rice Scott to August 20th, which was her birthday.  On August 20, 1968 the meeting date was changed again to the Sunday nearest August 20th to both recognize Mrs. Scott's birthday, and make it more convenient for those who would be working during the week.  In August 1977 the meeting date was changed again to the Saturday nearest the 20th of August, to be convenient for those family members who had to travel.  Today many Rice families plan their vacations around this date.  

The Rice Family Fort Worth, Texas Chapter hosted a hospitality evening Friday, August 17, 1984 to host those family members traveling in for the family reunion on Saturday, August 18, 1984.  This allowed those family members and friends who arrived early to chat and get reacquainted with each other.  A Black and Gold Ball was instituted in 1993 at Heritage USA, South Carolina by the Milwaukee, Wisconsin Chapter.  Traditionally, those family members that do not have to leave to return home in a timely fashion, the Rice Family Reunion ends   with worship services at a church designated by the host family.    Although these events may have changed here and there, they have continued through the years, and now make up the core events of the Rice Family Reunion.